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Q.: How big of a tent do I need?
A.: Determining the size tent you need is some times best suited for one of our sales reps, that have years of experience. However there is some quick formula's that may help you guesstimate. Things to Concider:

Determine the style of tent you would like (Free Standing or Stakedown)
Determine the number of guests attending your event.
Determine the style of event you want to have Sit-Down Formal, Stand Up Cocktail, Casual Half stand up/Sitdown

Banquet tables require 10 sq. feet per guest.
Round tables require 12 sq. feet per guest.
CockTail Party/Standing 5-6 sq. feet per guest.
CockTail Party/Seeted 10 sq. feet per guest.
Reception/ Partial Seating 8 sq. feet per guest.
Cathedral seating (rows) 6 sq. feet per guest.

Multiply the number of total guests by the square footage requirement for your table.
Add square footage needs for the following:
Buffet Lines are 50 sq. ft. per 8 ft. table.
Dance Floor (20x20) is 400 sq. ft..
DJ is approximately 100 sq. ft.

Every additional item will require extra square footage.
Once you have calculated the square footage of guests and tables and extra items, estimate your total square footage.
Now, choose a tent size and multiply the length by the width. The total is the square footage of the tent. Try various tent sizes until you get the one that is the right square footage. Your total square footage most likely will not match the square footage of the tents. It is best to choose a tent dimension that provides more square footage than one that is less than your needs
Q.:When will you come setup my event?
A.: 95% of the time we come 1-2 days before your event, however in some circumstances we may show the day of. Delivery times are at our discretion (Unless Specified).
Q.: Why are delivery times at your discretion?
A.: The reason we chose the times and dates are due to 1. Equipment availability 2. From end of May to Aug. we do 50-95 deliveries between Thursday and Friday for just Saturday events, we have to be organized, and efficient to give each job the optimum amount of time for a perfect setup.
Q.: When will you let me know what day I'm being delivered on?
A.: We will call you the Monday-Tuesday before your event or sooner.
Q.: What if I need a specific time and date?
A.: We do offer the option of picking your time, with in a time period normally 2 Hours for a fee of $25.00. We will send a truckdedicated just for your event, for your convenience.
Q.: What should be done on the customers part before the delivery?
A.: 1. Make sure you have someone lined up to be at the house the day of delivery. If there is going to be no one home have the area of the tent marked, otherwise they will put the tent up where they feel is the best location. 2. Make sure arrangements are made for payment (Payment is due day of delivery or Before). 3. Have grass cut the day before, we do not have the half hour to wait for you to cut your grass. If your not ready for setup driver will leave and come back later, for a fee of 25.00 to cover labor costs because you were not prepared.
Q.:Will your employees carry the tables and chairs down stairs?
A.: NO, Tables and chairs will NOT be carried up or down stairs unless prior arrangements have been made before (Not even 1 table 10 Chairs). We are sorry about that, but there is to much liability involved in going up and down stairs (We don’t want anyone injured). We drop off the equipment as far as the truck can back up. Normally the Garage or under the tent if with in 10’ of the truck. If you want equipment carried further you must make arrangements before your event.
Q.: I want a Green and White Tent and White Chairs to Match do I need to specify?
A.: Yes, Yes, Yes. You have to specify if you want a specific color tent or you want a white tent. If you want something special we have no problem taking care of you.Just make sure to let us know before all the tents are gone.
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