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Portable Bar & Lounge Furniture Rentals

At Great Lakes Tent, we have portable bar rentals and lounge furniture rentals to give your event a classy and sophisticated vibe. Portable bar rentals are the perfect addition to bring people together in celebration. Whether you are hosting an anniversary party or planning your wedding, it’s always nice to have a portable bar rental so that you can serve your guests who are 21 or over alcohol. Paired with our luxurious lounge furniture rentals, these elements together create an inviting space where conversations flow as smoothly as the drinks. It's not just about providing seats or serving areas; it's about crafting an experience for guests. Great Lakes Tent is committed to bringing your vision to life with quality, style, and unmatched service. Create a fun and stylish drink station for your guests over 21 and enjoy the simplicity of serving up your favorite cocktails and the joy of guests mingling in comfort on our elegant lounge furniture rentals.

Portable Bar Rentals

With our portable bar rentals, you can serve all your guests 21 and over their favorite drinks to enjoy in style at your event. Select from an assortment of portable bar rental styles to complement the theme and atmosphere of your occasion, including our two-shelf portable white bar rental, 8 ft bar table with skirting, serpentine bar table, green bar with changeable fronts, pipe bar back, and cube bar back rentals. Bar equipment rentals are a great way to have an open bar with a bartender at any outdoor venue. Our portable bar rentals with skirting are an elegant and upscale way to serve alcohol without a tacky box or cart. With our bar equipment rentals, you can have a refined bar setup sure to impress your guests. At Great Lakes Tent, you’ll find the perfect bar rentals for weddings and fancy parties in the Southeast Michigan area.

Lounge Furniture Rentals

To complement the bar area, we offer a selection of stylish lounge furniture rentals. Set the stage for a high-class event with our chic lounge furniture rentals. Guests can chat and drink in luxury on a variety of lounge furniture rentals. We offer our lounge furniture rentals in curved lounge sectionals, straight lounge sectionals, lounge chairs, and lounge sofas. Our lounge furniture rentals aim to add an element of luxury and sophistication to your event and will ensure that guests feel pampered and indulged during their experience. Bring your guests together and seat everyone in comfort and style with lounge furniture rentals. No matter if you want to create cozy seating areas for intimate conversations or create an elegant lounge space for guests to mingle, our selection has you covered. Available in an array of colors and styles to fit into any event theme and create an atmosphere of luxury - our lounge furniture rentals will set the scene for an unforgettable gathering where guests can unwind and appreciate every momentous experience together.

Lounge Furniture & Bar Table Rentals

Choose Great Lakes Tent for bar table rentals and lounge furniture at your next events, such as a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or anniversary. We pride ourselves on being professionals in the tent rental business and event rental sector in Metro Detroit. We also specialize in providing exceptional quality lounge furniture rentals and bar rentals for parties. When considering a bar table rental for your event, stop in our Warren, Michigan, showroom to see bar table rentals and party lounge furniture rentals in person. While you are there, don’t forget chair rentals and table rentals so that your guests can enjoy the alcoholic beverages that the hired bartender is serving. Call us for a free quote on our lounge furniture and portable bar rentals.


What types of events should you rent a portable bar for?

At Great Lakes Tent, our portable bar rentals are ideal for all kinds of events, including wedding receptions, corporate events, anniversary parties, bridal showers, and birthday parties in southeast Michigan. When you rent our bar rentals for weddings and parties, you can expect quality rentals that will make your event memorable.

What kinds of parties are lounge furniture rentals essential for?

Having our sophisticated lounge furniture rentals at your party allows your guests to enjoy comfort while the aesthetic of your event remains picturesque and gorgeous. Our outdoor lounge furniture rentals are perfect for weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, and corporate events. You'll love our exquisite lounge party rentals - get a free quote.

Where can I rent a portable bar and lounge party rentals for a party?

You can rent a portable bar and lounge party rentals for events held in Michigan. At Great Lakes Tent, we serve the entire Metropolitan Detroit area, including Ann Arbor, Traverse City, Flint, Novi, Saginaw, and Grand Rapids. If you have a large order of party and event rentals, we will deliver as far as Indianapolis, Indiana or Columbus and Toledo, Ohio.

What types of party lounge furniture rentals do you offer?

At Great Lakes Tent, we have a pristine collection of lounge furniture rentals, including white curved sectionals and straight sectionals. We also offer white and black lounge chair rentals. Decide how many lounge furniture rentals you'd like at your event in southeast Michigan, and we'll give you a free quote.

How much does it cost to rent lounge furniture and a portable bar for an event?

On average, you can rent party lounge furniture for anywhere from $55.00 to $74.99 per item. The bar table rentals range from $89.00 to $149.00. Please see our entire catalog of portable bar rentals and lounge furniture rentals above to see the prices of each item.