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Water Barrel & Concrete Block Rentals

When hosting an outdoor gathering of any size in the Detroit area, you’ll need a tent and the ability to secure it with concrete blocks or water barrel rentals. Not all tent rentals can be staked securely into the ground. Depending on the location of your event, you may need to put your tent on a paved surface such as a parking lot or a patio. In this instance, you will need to weigh your tent down with our concrete block rentals or water barrel rentals. Our water barrel and concrete block rentals help to secure each leg and hold the tent securely in place. Whether the ground is too frozen for stakes or you’re on a paved surface, at Great Lakes Tent we have all the water barrel and concrete block tent essentials you need. Regardless of windy or rainy weather our water barrels for tents and concrete block rentals will keep your tent in place so you can throw an unforgettable party.

Concrete Block Rentals

Anchoring a tent with concrete block rentals is your best bet for larger parties that require bigger tents. With our concrete block rentals - available in three different weights, 350 LB, 500 LB, and 750 LB - you can choose which option is best for you. Concrete block rentals are not top-heavy and provide you with more stability, so this option is great for larger parties and higher wind conditions. We know that giant slabs of concrete can be an eyesore to look at, so we offer white concrete block covers to go over your concrete block rentals for staking your tent. In order to maintain your ideal theme and decor for your party, we recommend dressing the concrete blocks with these covers and then decorating them with balloons, plants, or flowers. By dressing them up, you’ll camouflage the concrete block rentals, and they won’t be as prominent. Contact us today for a free quote on concrete block rentals for your next event in the Southeast Michigan area.

Water Barrel Rentals

For smaller tents, water barrel rentals will suffice and act as tent anchors when your tent cannot be staked into the ground. Each leg of the tent should have at least one water barrel rental secured to it. We have water barrels available that hold up to 75 gallons or 275 gallons of water. We always recommend setting your tent up near a water source where these water tote rentals can be easily filled up with a hose. Be aware that water barrel rentals are top-heavy, so it’s important to have an idea of the weather of the day of your event. If the forecast calls for a storm or high winds, you may want to choose our concrete block rentals, even for smaller tents, to ensure the safety of your guests. Contact us today for a free quote on water barrel for tents rentals in the Southeast Michigan area.

Select Great Lakes Tent for Concrete Block and Water Barrel Rentals

At Great Lakes Tent, we have been proud to be experts in the tent rental business since 1996. With our extensive experience, we recommend using concrete block rentals or water barrel rentals when you rent a tent for a special occasion. The extra sturdiness provided by the concrete blocks and water barrel rentals will anchor the tent securely and give you peace of mind during your event. If you visit our showroom located in Warren, Michigan, you’ll be able to see, touch, and feel these water barrel and concrete block rentals as well as the concrete block covers. You may also get ideas of other event rentals you may need to complete the style of event you are planning. We have everything you need from the tent accessories, tables, and chairs, to catering equipment and linens. You’ve come to the right place for all your event rental needs. Call for a quote on concrete block and water barrel rentals today.