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Concession Equipment Rentals in Metro Detroit

When you are planning your next event or party in the Metro Detroit area, consider our concession equipment rentals. What’s more exciting and enjoyable than concession machines at a residential event such as a kid’s birthday party or block party? You may even want to rent concession equipment for a wedding or a corporate event. Expanding your event's menu with our diverse range of concession equipment rentals not only provides guests with mouthwatering snacks but also adds a playful touch that can set your gathering apart. Imagine the delight and surprise on your guests' faces as they enjoy classic carnival treats right at your venue. From the sweet aroma of cotton candy wafting through the air to the nostalgic crunch of popcorn, these concession machine rentals offer more than just snacks; they create an atmosphere of joy and celebration.We offer concession machines for rent, including cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, snow cone machines, slush machines, ice cream carts, hot dog machines, and nacho cheese machines. Add some whimsical fun to your event when you book our concession equipment rentals at your next party. Any of these concession machine rentals are available to reserve by the day, weekend, or weekly. Take your birthday parties, wedding receptions, church events, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, graduation parties, and grand openings to the next level with our Great Lakes Tent concession equipment rentals. Whether it's the savory scent of freshly popped popcorn, the sweet allure of cotton candy, or the refreshing taste of snow cones, these concession stand rentals are sure to make your event a memorable one.

Concession Machine Rentals

Cotton Candy Machine Rental

At Great Lakes Tent, we offer cotton candy machines for rent. Cotton candy machines use Gold Medal Cotton Candy Floss Sugar which is made from a special sugar - not too fine, not too coarse. The candy floss sugar colors are vibrant, ensuring that you get a bright color. Gold Medal Cotton Candy Floss Sugar is packed in sealed 3 lb. cartons. Simply open the box and pour it into the cotton candy machine’s spinner head. Each carton makes approximately 60 cotton candy cones. This product is high-quality and one of the best cotton candy machine rentals on the market. Sure to be a hit with all kids and guests, add a whimsical touch to your next event with cotton candy machine rentals. Rent a cotton candy machine today.

Popcorn Machine Rental

We offer Vogel Popcorn when you choose our popcorn machine for rent. Popcorn machine rentals are the perfect addition to any kind of event or party. Take all the hassle out of popcorn preparation with the 8 oz. Vogel ready to use popcorn kit. This concession machine rental comes with an all-in-one popcorn kit that has everything you need to pop the perfect movie theater snack: corn, oil, and salt. Simply open the pouch, pour it in your kettle popper, and pop away! Vogel popping corn delivers a high popping volume and expansion rate resulting in a higher yield for you. This 8 oz. Vogel popcorn kit works with all of our popcorn poppers! Don't forget to select a popcorn cart with your popcorn machine rental so you can easily move the snack station anywhere at your venue. Rent a popcorn machine today.

Snow Cone Machine Rental

At your next event, rent snow cone machines that are sure to be a hit with your party’s guests. Whether you are throwing a kid’s birthday party or a graduation party, renting a snow cone machine is a great way to serve frozen dessert at your event. The snow cone machine rental will be the talk of the party as guests enjoy one of their childhood favorites. Contact us for available snow cone flavors to pair with this popular concession machine rental.

Slush Machine Rental

When you are hosting your next party or wedding, consider renting a slush machine. For parties, we offer our famous Margarita on the Run Slush Mix. This slush mix is a popular choice and comes in a variety of flavors, including Strawberry Daiquiri, Rum Runner, Strawberry Banana Twist, Pina Colada, Orange Dreamsicle, Cherry, and many more. Contact us today to rent a slush machine for a party, and reserve your favorite flavors today.

Ice Cream Cart Rental for Parties

Make your party or event stand out, and offer a delicious treat when you select an ice cream cart rental for parties. Both children and adults will enjoy a classic ice cream dessert. You can even use this concession equipment rental to make a "Create your own Sundae Bar." Contact us today to get a quote on ice cream machine rentals.

Hot Dog Machine Rental

When planning your next outdoor event, choose a hot dog steamer for rent. Hot dog machines cook your hot dogs for you with virtually no effort on your part, and they keep the hot dogs warm during your event. Guests will enjoy the comfort food as they mingle with others at your party. Contact us today for a free quote on a hot dog machine rental for your next event.

Nacho Cheese Machine Rental

If you are in the party planning stages of your event, you’ll want to have some snacks and fun concessions available to your guests, including a nacho cheese machine for rent. Nacho cheese machine rentals provide hot, mouthwatering nacho cheese and salty chips that are classic staples of concession food you will want to serve at your party.

We have all of these concession equipment supplies in stock for our concession machine rentals. However, you are welcome to come to our showroom in Warren, MI, to purchase concession supplies if you own your own concession machine.

Call Great Lakes Tent for Concession Equipment Rentals

In business since 1996, we are proud to be a leading company in the tent rental industry, providing customers with concession machine rentals among our large offering of event rentals. Choosing Great Lakes Tent concession equipment rentals will make your event memorable and entertaining. If you’d like to see our available concession machine rentals before you select them, you can see them in person at our showroom in Warren, Michigan. While you are there, see our catering equipment to serve your guests a buffet-style meal before or after they enjoy treats provided by the concession machine rentals. Bring your party checklist with you because you may see other party and event rentals you’d like to have for your gathering. Contact us for a free quote on our concession equipment rentals today.


What types of concession machine rentals do you have?

We have a large selection of quality concession equipment rentals, including hot dog machines, nacho cheese warmers, cotton candy machines, slush machines, snow cone machines, popcorn machines, and ice cream cart rentals. Please see above for more details on each of our concession machine rentals available for your next event in the Metropolitan Detroit area.

Do you offer the concession supplies as well as the concession equipment rentals?

We offer disposable party supplies that you can purchase to go with the concession machine rental of your choice. When you rent a popcorn machine, we have popcorn oil and kernels that you can buy. You can also select your slush mix flavor to pair with the slush machine rental and create delicious frozen beverages. For adults over 21, we have a wine slush mix that is sure to be a hit at your Metro Detroit event.

How much does it cost to rent a concession machine for a party?

Depending on the types of concession machine rentals you want to have at your event, our prices for concession equipment range from $29.99 to $159.99. Please see our online catalog above for the exact prices to rent concession machines for your special event in the Metro Detroit area.

Do you offer the service of having a concession machine rental attendant serve the food at an event?

While we are a premier event rental company - offering quality party and tent rentals - we do not have the extra staff to support having concession machine rental attendants at your event. Please make sure that you have someone who can operate the concession equipment rentals, if necessary. When renting concession machines, feel free to ask us any questions you may have so that you know how to properly use the concession equipment.

What types of events do people rent concession machines for?

Our concession machine rentals are excellent additions to any party, including family reunions, picnics, graduations, and birthday parties. Other events, such as bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, church events, and weddings, are also great occasions to rent a concession machine for an event. Add a whimsical flair to any party in the Detroit, Michigan area with our classic concession equipment rentals.