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Fan Rentals in Metro Detroit

When hosting an outdoor event or party, select our fan rentals to help cool down all of your guests. On a hot summer day in Metro Detroit, your party guests will appreciate the cool breeze flowing from these fans. Rentals include tent pole fans, misting fans, and pedestal fans. When you rent fans for a party in Detroit, Michigan, you’ll make sure all of your event’s attendees stay content as they enjoy your celebration. Fan rentals are perfect for an outdoor summer wedding on a scorching summer day. All of your invitees will be dressed in their Sunday best attire, so make sure they aren’t uncomfortably sweating as they dance the night away. If you want a fan that really cools things off, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our misting fan rentals, which can cool your tent up to 30 degrees with its adjustable three speeds and fine mist.

AC Rentals for Tents

One of the most popular fan rentals is our AC rentals for tents. These evaporative cooler fan rentals work wonders when trying to cool down an outdoor event. In the Midwest, there is always a summer heatwave, so we provide AC rentals for tents, such as evaporative cooler rentals, to our customers. Are you planning a corporate event, birthday party, or wedding during the summer months? Your guests will thank you for having an evaporative cooler rental to make them comfortably cool despite the sweltering heat outside of the event tent.

Misting Fan Rentals

Beat the heat and keep your guests comfortable with our mist fan rentals, designed to combat scorching hot Michigan summer days. Perfect for outdoor events like graduation ceremonies, weddings, or other summer events - our outdoor fan rentals provide your guests with a pleasant cooling mist throughout their event. With these misting fan rentals, you can create an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere, keeping everyone cool even during Michigan heat waves. Trust our mist fan rentals to make your outdoor event a refreshing success. Misting fan rentals allow you to create an enjoyable atmosphere during outdoor events by keeping everyone cool in even the hottest of temperatures, enabling everyone to fully appreciate all that they are celebrating and experiencing the festivities without becoming overheated or uncomfortable. Don't let heat dampen spirits during special celebrations with mist fan rentals that create a refreshing oasis that everyone will appreciate.

Choose Great Lakes Tent for Outdoor Fan Rentals

At Great Lakes Tent, we have been in the tent rental business since 1996 in the Metropolitan Detroit area. We know that there’s more to choosing the perfect tent rentals, so we’ve made sure you have a variety of outdoor fan rentals to customize your next event. Visit our showroom in Warren, Michigan, to see all of our available fan rentals for parties, the AC rentals for tents, and evaporative cooler rentals in person. While you are there, browse through our event rentals to see what else you’d like us to provide for your party. Check out our generator rentals to make sure you have a power source you can depend on for your outdoor fan rentals, as well as the selection of lighting and catering equipment you’ve selected for your event. Find the perfect tent accessories to tailor your tent for your special event. Call us for a free quote to rent fans for a party and AC rentals for tents today.

Fan Rental FAQs

Is a Misting Fan Rental Worth it?

Yes! We know how hot a Michigan summer day outside can be, don’t suffer in the heat, stay cool and enjoy your wedding, party, or corporate event with a cooling breeze instead of sweaty and hot.

Will Mister Rentals Keep Flies Away?

Yes! The fine mist created by the mist fan rental sticks to insects’ bodies leaving them unable to fly around. A fan mister rental will repel mosquitos, flies, bees, gnats, and other flying pests, leaving your party free of any unwanted guests.

Do Misters Rentals Make it Cooler?

Mister fan rentals create a cool environment for guests. Water is turned into a fine mist and spread all throughout the air. This cool moist fog will keep your guest happy all day long in the hot summer sun.

How Do Portable Fan Rentals Work?

Just plug your fan rental into a generator or outlet and enjoy a nice cool breeze. Don’t let your guests boil in the heat, cool them down with fan rentals.

Are Mist Fan Rentals Healthy?

Mister rentals can keep you and your guest healthy and safe. Heat stroke and dehydration are risks on a hot summer day. Keep everyone safe and cool with a misting fan rental.