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Generator Rentals in Metro Detroit

When you are planning an outdoor event in the Metropolitan Detroit area, many elements come into play to ensure its success: the venue, the decor, the food, and the ambiance. One often underestimated yet crucial component is the power source. That’s where generator rentals come in, offering a solution to your event’s power needs that is as reliable as it is practical. At Great Lakes Tent, we provide a range of rental generator options suited for different types of events and power requirements. If you’re hosting a large-scale event such as a wedding reception, graduation party, or corporate event, the energy demands are likely to be high. Our high-power generator rentals are designed to meet these demands, ensuring that every element of your event, from lighting to music to catering equipment, operates seamlessly.

Rent a Generator for a Party

At Great Lakes Tent, we have a variety of tent accessories and event rentals that may require a generator rental. If you are planning on having a buffet-style event with our catering equipment rentals along with some of our concession machines, you’ll want to rent a generator for a party. Depending on the time of year you are having your special occasion, you’ll want to consider our fan rentals or heater rentals which will need a power source. Our generator rentals are capable of handling it all and making sure everything powers up and runs smoothly. Lighting is another key aspect of any event. Proper lighting sets the mood and ensures that the photographs capture your special moments perfectly. Our portable generator rentals are robust enough to keep all your lighting fixtures operating optimally, allowing you to enjoy a brilliantly illuminated event from start to finish.

Choose Generator Rentals from Great Lakes Tent

We’ve been in the tent rental business since 1996, and we have the experience you need to put on the perfect event. We’re here to provide you with expertise and recommendations that you might not otherwise think of. At Great Lakes Tent, we know that generator rentals are essential to making sure that all your event rentals function when you need them most -- during your event. When you rent a generator, you’ll have a power source right at the venue, ensuring everything works and goes off without a hitch. You’ll have peace of mind when you rent a generator for a party. See our generator rental options in person at our brick-and-mortar showroom in Warren, Michigan. While you are there, make sure you have all the party and event rentals on your checklist. Contact us today for a free quote on generator rentals in Detroit, Michigan.

Generator Rentals FAQs

How much does a generator rental cost?

Depending on the size of the generator rental the cost can vary between $295 to $1,500. To get an exact price, pick out a size and fill out our quote form for an exact price.

How long do rental generators last?

The size of the generator rental you choose will determine how long it will last. Typically our smaller generator can run for up to 6 hours on one tank, our larger rental generator can last for up to 24 hours.

Do you offer small generator rentals?

Yes! We offer multiple sizes of generator rental to fit all of your event needs. Select from our whisper generator 5500 and our 20 KW generator, our two smallest rental generator options.

What can I power with a rental generator?

Using a rental generator you can power lights, fans, heaters, catering equipment, concession machines, and anything else you may need for your event. With a generator rental, you can power your whole event all throughout the night.

Where should I place the rental generator?

Rental generators must be placed outside of the event building or rental tent. It is not safe to run the generator rental inside an enclosed space so be sure to place it outside of your rental tent.

What does a rental generator run on?

Our generator rentals run on diesel fuel. Due to the fumes created by diesel engines be sure to place the rental generator in a well-ventilated outdoor location.