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Glassware Rentals in Metro Detroit

Whether you are planning a party for an intimate gathering of guests, or an event for a large group of friends and family, we can provide pristine glassware rentals. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, anniversary parties, and fancy birthday parties, our vintage glassware rentals will add a classy touch to your events’ table settings. At Great Lakes Tent, we understand the importance of providing high-quality glassware rentals that not only look beautiful but are also clean and hygienic. All of our elegant glassware pieces, including wine glass rentals, are washed, sanitized, spotless, and enveloped in plastic. Renting glassware from Great Lakes Tent allows you to serve your guests delicious beverages of all types - cocktails, beer, wine, soda, and coffee. Our vintage glassware rentals offer a unique touch of elegance to any event, and our extensive selection of wine glasses, beer glasses, cocktail glasses, and more ensure that there is a glass for every type of beverage. Whether you are planning a formal wedding or a casual birthday party, our glassware rentals can add a touch of sophistication to your event's table settings. Additionally, be sure to select extra rental glasses to keep at the bar or drink stations for thirsty guests throughout the event.

Give one of our sales reps a call for a free quote on glassware rentals to ensure your event shines from the first toast to the last goodbye. Our team can help you determine the perfect number of glasses for any number of guests. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, our glassware rentals simplify your event planning by eliminating one of the most dreaded tasks: the cleanup. We ensure each piece of glassware arrives in pristine condition—spotlessly washed, sanitized, and wrapped for protection, ready to add that sparkling touch to your tables. When the event concludes, there's no need for you to worry about washing them; simply rinse them if possible and return them. This convenience frees you and your staff to focus on more important aspects of your event, like enjoying the moment and entertaining guests.

Glass Rentals

At Great Lakes Tent, we take pride in supplying only the finest glasses for you to have at your events, parties, and weddings. Serve your guests a full drink menu by selecting an assortment of glass rentals, including rock glasses, Libbey Z-Stem martini glasses, brandy glasses, and wine glass rentals. You can also rent champagne glasses, all-purpose water glasses, Irish coffee mugs, and mason jars, as well as beer pilsners and pitchers. From champagne flutes for toasts to coffee mugs for cakes with our glassware rentals your guests can enjoy all their favorite drinks.

Choose Great Lakes Tent for Wedding Glassware Rentals

In the event rental business since 1996, we are professionals in this arena for wedding rentals and wedding glassware. Rentals that are perfect for your special day include wine glasses, Libbey Z-Stem glasses, and sparkling champagne flutes. If you are putting the final touches on your wedding planning, you can see our glassware rentals for weddings in person at our Warren, Michigan, showroom. Here, you’ll see the quality and selection of wedding glassware rentals. While you are browsing the glasses for rent, look around to see other wedding decor and linens. Then, choose our chairs and tables to create a beautiful setting for your wedding glassware rentals. Renting glassware for weddings has never been easier than when you select Great Lakes Tent to help you create the perfect day. Call us for a free quote on wedding glassware rentals in southeast Michigan today.

Glassware Rental FAQs

Do you offer rental glassware for weddings?

Yes! At Great Lakes Tents, we offer elegant all-purpose, wine, champagne flutes, brandy, martini, and old-fashioned glassware for rent. Our glassware rentals are perfect to toast at your next wedding.

What glassware rentals are needed for a wedding?

The types of drinks you plan to serve will decide what glassware rentals for weddings you will need. You will need water glasses for each guest as well as wine glasses, and champagne flutes. If you plan on having a variety of drinks you may also need beer glasses, martini glasses, or old fashion glasses for a variety of drinks.

How many cocktail glasses should you have for a wedding?

The general rule of thumb is one drink per guest per hour. So if you have a 4-hour wedding with 50 guests you would need 200 wedding glassware rentals.

How many wine glasses to rent for a wedding?

Typically you should provide one to two rental wine glasses per guest. Excluding children from your guest list, you will need one wine glass per guest per hour if the main alcoholic beverage is wine. Don’t forget to rent champagne flutes for each guest for the traditional celebration toast.

How do you calculate glassware for an event?

For a typical event, you should average one and a half drinks per hour per guest. For example, if your event has 400 guests and lasts four hours long you should plan to have 2,400 glassware rentals to serve all your thirsty guests. 400 guests X 1.5 drinks = 600 glasses, 600 glasses X 4 hours = 2,400 glassware rentals needed.