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Outdoor Heaters for Rent in Metro Detroit

At Great Lakes Tent, we pride ourselves on supplying quality outdoor heaters for rent in the Detroit area. Are you throwing an event where you will need a tent rental and outdoor heaters to keep your guests warm as they enjoy your party? We have a variety of outdoor heaters for rent, including L.B. White Tent Heaters that come in two sizes and outdoor umbrella heaters.

Tent Heater Rentals

When you are hosting an outdoor event, you will need a tent rental as well as tent heater rentals. Since your event is outdoors in the Metro Detroit area, you know that even in the hot summer months, the temperature cools off in the evenings. Ensure that your guests stay warm and content with our tent heater rentals. If you know it’s going to be a day with warmer weather, you may want to be prepared and see our tent accessories to consider renting a fan for your tent. For more information, including the selection of tent heater rentals that we offer and the pricing for each, see our online catalog.

Consider Great Lakes Tent for Your Heaters Rental

We’ve been the experts in event rentals and tent rentals for the greater Detroit area since 1996. At Great Lakes Tent, we strive to provide quality service and equipment for all your events. When you have an upcoming event or party, choose Great Lakes Tent for your outdoor heaters rental. If you’d like, you can stop by our showroom located in Warren, Michigan to see the tent heaters in person and ask any questions that you may have. While you are visiting our showroom, check out our other event rentals and products we offer to complete your party planning. Contact us for a free quote on your heaters rental for your event. We’ll be happy to deliver the outdoor heaters to the location of your event.

Heater Rentals FAQs

How do you heat an outdoor patio?

Place one or multiple patio heater rentals around your outdoor patio area to keep all your guests warm during your wedding or corporate event. Propane heater rentals are a simple and easy way to heat up your patio.

What does a patio heater rental cost?

A patio heater rental can range from $69 to $195. The size and type of outdoor heater rental will determine the cost of the rental heater.

What is the easiest way to heat a rental tent?

Simple, once your rental tent is in place you can add the rental heater to keep hot air flowing throughout the tent. At Great Lakes Tents, we offer tent heater rentals perfect for keeping everyone warm at your next corporate event or wedding.

What heaters are safe for tents?

Our propane heater rentals are safe to be used inside a rental tent. These rental heaters are designed to be used for outdoor tents to create a cozy safe outdoor party.

How do you heat a tent for a party?

At Great Lakes Tents, we offer tent heater rentals to keep all your guests warm and toasty. Once the sun goes down our rental heaters will keep your tent warm and cozy in the evening. You can even have a cozy fall wedding or corporate event using tent heater rentals.

How long does a propane heater last?

We offer 70,000 and 170,000 BTU propane heater rentals. With one 20 Lbs propane tank, the 70,000 BTU propane heater rental will last around 6 hours. The 170,000 BTU propane heater rental will last around 2 and half hours connected to a 20 Lbs propane tank. Depending on how large your event is and how long it will last you may need a few propane tanks to last throughout the night.

Do outdoor heaters work in winter?

Yes! Our patio heater rentals are fully functional in winter and are the perfect way to heat up your outdoor space. Winter is beautiful in Michigan and you can still enjoy it with outdoor heaters for rent to keep you and your guests warm on a chilly party day.