Sailcloth Tent Rentals in Metro Detroit

Sailcloth tent rentals are a great way to add style and elegance to any outdoor event. Created from the same lightweight canvas-like material of sails on boats, our sailcloth tent rentals are fabulous for weddings, high-class corporate events, and luxurious anniversary parties. With sailcloth tent rentals, there is no frame. With a canopy-like ceiling, you will have a spacious open-air feel like no other. This gives you plenty of space to fit all of your tables, chairs, and guests. The nautical sailcloth material’s almost translucent fabric lets in natural sunlight during the day and welcomes a warm glow in the dark night. Sailcloth tent rentals will create the perfect ambiance for a magical night that will be remembered by all who attend.

Select lighting rental options such as a brilliant string of lights or an exquisite sparkling chandelier from Great Lakes Tent to add to your sailcloth tent rental. These stunning lighting fixtures will create a mood lighting effect that softly gleams and gives you a romantic setting perfect for weddings and anniversary celebrations. One of the most gorgeous tent rental options available, the vintage sailcloth tent with its high peaks and eaves, creates a lavish and open space for your next intimate gathering in Detroit, Michigan. See our online catalog to browse different sizes of sail tent rentals ranging from 45’ x 64’ to 45’ x 124’. You’ll also see the sailcloth tent rental prices range from $2,999.00 to $5,999.00. Select the perfect size of sailcloth tent rental to hold your entire guest list. Check out our tent size calculator to help you decide on the ideal size sailcloth tent rental for your next event.

Choose Great Lakes Tent for Sailcloth Tent Rentals

Since 1996, we have proudly served the greater metropolitan Detroit area with not only our elegant sailcloth tent rentals but also our event rentals. When you select Great Lakes Tent as your tent rental provider, you can expect quality rentals and expert service. If you’d like to see, touch, and feel the soft, light material of our sail tent rentals, please visit our brick-and-mortar showroom located in Warren, Michigan. Here, you’ll see just how delicate and classy our sailcloth tents are, as well as a variety of party rental options you can choose from for your event. These include everything from tables and chair rentals to the china place settings, linens, and rustic furniture rentals, which pair perfectly with the beautiful sailcloth tent rental. Give us a call today for a free quote on the sailcloth tent rental cost, in addition to all of your party and event rentals from Great Lakes Tent.

Sailcloth Tent Rental FAQs

Are sailcloth tents waterproof?

Yes, sailcloth tent rentals are waterproof. Since they are made from material used for sails on boats, they are sturdy and can withstand water. This makes them an excellent choice for outdoor events where the weather can be unpredictable. Their sturdy construction repels water effectively, ensuring that your event remains unaffected by sudden rain showers or damp conditions.

What is a sailcloth tent?

A sailcloth tent rental is made from the same materials used on the sails of sailboats. A sail tent rental is semi-translucent which allows natural sunlight during the day and a warm glow at night. Sailcloth tent rentals do not have a center pole giving them a large interior space giving you plenty of space to plan out your event.

What size sailcloth tent rental should I get for 50 guests?

Sailcloth tent rental sizes can vary for each event. To determine what size rental tent is best to fit all of your guests, tables, and entertainment, try out our rental tent size calculator.

What does a sailcloth tent rental cost?

The cost of a sailcloth tent rental can vary depending on the size of the tent. Typically a sail tent rental can cost between $2,999 to $5,999. Fill out our quote form, and we’ll get back to you with the exact sailcloth tent rental cost.

What is different about sailcloth tent rentals than pole tents?

Sailcloth tent rentals stand out due to their unique construction, made from genuine sail materials as opposed to conventional vinyl. This distinctive fabric not only contributes to the tent's elegant aesthetic but also its durability and water resistance. A key feature of these tents is their vaulted ceiling design, which enhances the feeling of spaciousness and grandeur within. The absence of a center pole in these structures opens up the interior space significantly, allowing for more creative and flexible layout options.