Tent Size Calculator

Tent Calculator for Metro Detroit Weddings & Events

Be sure you rent the correct size tent for your birthday party, graduation, wedding, or corporate event in Metropolitan Detroit with our easy-to-use tent size calculator.

Simply fill out the details and parameters of your party, and our tent calculator will provide you with the minimum square footage of tent space required to host your guests comfortably.

Tent Size Calculator Details

First, use our party tent calculator to input the details of your gathering. This includes how many guests, tables, and any other features that will need to be covered by the tent.

Once the event information is entered, simply click "Calculate," and our tent capacity calculator will return the minimum square footage you’ll need for your party.

Next, choose a tent size from our tent rental catalog, and multiply its length by its width. This total is the square footage of the tent.

Use your tent size calculator results to find an event tent that is equal or greater to your minimum square footage estimate.

When selecting a wedding tent and wedding rentals for your special day, you’ll need to use our wedding tent size calculator to determine how big your high-peak century tent should be based on your guest list.

Visit our Warren, Michigan, showroom to see the tent rentals as well as our extensive catalog of party and event rentals. Seeing our party rental offering in person will give you a better idea of how much space you’ll need for your party tent based on your calculations from our convenient tent calculator.

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